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Gellért spa

One of the most favourite spas in Budapest that is almost one century old.

Campona / Tropicarium

Here is the largest sea acquarium in Central –Europe. The shark acquarium contains 1.4 million litres of salt water. housing 8 two-meter long sharks and hundreds of colourful fish of other species, swimming around in peaceful harmony. The zoo with more rooms presents the fish species of Hungarian fauna and the wildlife of the rainforests.

Wine catacomb Restaurant

The Borkatakomba (Wine Catacomb) Restaurant was etablished in a former wine cellar extending to several branches of the Budafok cellar systeme, it is the restaurant with the richest traditions – and it is more than a restaurant. Borkatakomba is a restaurant on the one hand, and a theatre on the other…
Wine catacomb Restaurant’s homepage

Törley museum

TÖRLEY sparkling wine has been part of our lives and celebrations for 130 years. The museum uses objects and artifacts to look back at this in a time that spans several historical periods.
Törley museum homepage

Campona / csodák palotája (Palace of Miracles)

This is an interactive, scientific exhibition for children and adults.


Shopping center

Savoya Park

Shopping center

Új Buda Center / Eleven park

Elevenpark is an enormous, but kind and sunny playground which combines the elements of an amusement park and a classic play-field.


Shopping and leisure centre

Új Buda Center

Shopping center